Parenting Tips
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1. Babies do not add salt in their diet within October, do not drink honey within their first birthday, and only drink milk (pure breast milk without any juice) within 3 months.

2. The best drink milk after 2 years old, and eating yogurt before 2 years old. Skimmed milk is healthier for children than whole milk.

3. The amount of salt used by children before three is 1/5 to 1/3 of adults. Overeating salt will cause calcium loss. Drinking carbonated beverages such as cola will affect calcium absorption.

4. It is best not to end wearing open pants later than one and a half years old, because it may cause urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection may cause fever, and untimely treatment may cause infectious nephritis.

6. You don't need to feed water within 4 months of exclusive breast milk deliberately. Because both breast milk and formula milk contain a lot of water. On the contrary, drinking more water will increase the burden on the child's liver and kidney.

7. Avoid sedentary sitting (1 hour) within one year of age. Studies have shown that children who sit for more than one hour within one year of age will increase death rates.

8. The mortality rate of children on the sofa is 4 times that of children on the bed.

9. When the baby sleeps, let him sleep in his crib, do not sleep in a hug, prevent the adult from getting tired, and accidentally drop the baby on the ground.

10. Turning on the lights at night to sleep will reduce the child's immunity.

11. Patting a child's chest may induce sudden death.

12. More sunbathing for children can improve their immunity.

13. Children in October are not allowed to shake, because it may harm the brain, and in severe cases can cause intracranial hemorrhage and a minor concussion.

14. Spanking may affect the child's sexual health as an adult.

15. Watching TV and mobile phones are prohibited under 2 years old.

16. Baby carriers are preferred when going out

17. Use humidifiers with caution
(1) The humidifier should be placed at the height of 1 meter from the ground, so that the humidification effect is good.
(2) The humidifier can only use pure water and cool white water.