Correct Way Of Breastfeeding
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For a long time after childbirth, mothers need to breastfeed their babies so that they can absorb better nutrition! Therefore, these correct way of breastfeeding for mothers this time, not only can better let the babies grow and develop, but also solve various health problems caused by breastfeeding.



Breast milk is the best natural food for babies. The correct feeding posture is a posture that both the baby and mother feel comfortable, and if the feeding posture is not correct, it will be "uncomfortable to eat" for the baby, and it may also cause otitis media and oral diseases. As for the mother, if the feeding posture is not correct, the mother will soon feel back pain.


Cross cradle

Feed the child with the left breast, support the breast with the left hand, and then use the palm of the right hand to support his neck. Do not support the back of the child's head with the palm, so that he may push the breast away. You can also put a nursing pillow under the child, which can reduce the burden on the mother.



When breastfeeding with the right breast, use the right forearm and hand to support the child's head and body, and the other hand can be used to support the breast and pass the nipple into the child's mouth. Like the cross-cradle type, this method can also use a nursing pillow to reduce the burden on the mother.


Upright hug

Let the baby sit upright, straddle the mother's lap, support the baby with the same arm, and hold the breast with the other hand to form an effective breastfeeding position.


Side horizontal

The mother lies on her side on the bed, face to face with the baby, and then put the baby's head on her arms, or use a nursing pillow or towel to cushion the baby's head so that the baby's mouth and her nipple are kept horizontal.

At the same time, support the baby's back with the forearm of the other arm, and hold the baby's head in the hand.



Lean the mother back on the sofa, bed or recliner at 45 degrees, let the baby lie on her mother, and the mother can protect the baby with both hands.


Football style

Place the baby on one side of the mother's body, support the baby's head with the same forearm, hold the baby's neck and head with your hand, and hold the breast with the other hand, so that it is easy to observe whether the baby has gripped the nipple in order to form Effective breastfeeding.


Problems in breastfeeding

The birth of a small life means that the mother has to assume the responsibility of nurturing. So how to breastfeed correctly and avoid breast accumulation is the primary concern of mothers.

I felt the lumps during lactation and then disappeared.

In this case, breast accumulation is often the first consideration in clinical practice. If it is milk accumulation, the milk can be drained after the milk duct is unblocked, and the lumps will disappear afterwards. In this situation, don't worry, follow up closely.

Will inverted nipples affect breastfeeding?

Most inverted nipples do not affect postpartum breastfeeding. Baby sucking milk covers the entire areola area, not a separate nipple area. Mothers to be must learn to gently lift the nipples, keep them dry and clean, and avoid nipple inflammation.


How to breastfeed correctly and avoid breast accumulation?

Young mothers tend to squeeze their breasts when expressing milk, which will cause the distant milk ducts to be blocked. The correct way to express milk is to gently massage and squeeze from the root of the breast to the nipple, so that the entire milk from the gland to the duct is discharged, not just around the areola.

A squeeze around the areola, the pressure has two consequences: the milk in the milk duct near the nipple is discharged, but the distal duct is blocked, it will cause milk accumulation, stimulate inflammation, and lead to mom uncomfortable, so correct breastfeeding habits and methods are very important.

Swelling breasts during confinement, should I ask a prolactinist?

In this situation, mothers should not blindly go to a prolactinist. It is recommended to consult a breast specialist first and rule out other diseases first. If breast swelling is caused by poor milk ducts, you can ask a prolactinist to do some proper breast massage to keep the milk ducts open; if it is because of breast inflammation, active treatment is needed.


Healthy classroom

Pregnant mothers can perform breast self-examination once a month. Special reminder is that if you feel obvious lumps or nodules, do not massage or apply heat at will. It is best to find a breast specialist for examination and follow up regularly.

Self-examination method

Posture: standing or lying down.

Location: the upper and lower sides of the breast, and the underarms.

Key points: First look at the appearance: whether there is a bump, whether the skin is sunken, whether the skin is thickened and thickened, whether the pores are enlarged, whether the nipples are retracted, etc.

Touch inspection: After bathing with soap, place the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger side by side, lightly press the breast with the finger pad, and draw a spiral circle outward with the nipple as the center to check for lumps. Don't forget to feel for any lumps near the collarbone and armpits.